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  • Hi, I’m using version 2.0.3. My problem is this – for some reason recently, instead of the most recent blogs coming up on the main blog page,
    the very first blog entries we did two years ago are coming up instead, and those heading are being sent to the RSS feeds instead of the most recent ones. Similarly, when we’re doing managing an entry and click on “manage” then “posts”, the heading says “Last 15 posts”, but they aren’t, they’re the first ones we ever did and don’t change even when we do a new entry.

    The latest blogs are actually going up on the site if you click on our default category “everything”, but the latest entries aren’t going up on the mainpage automatically. The entries appear to be time stamped correctly – if we search via Month in WordPress, all the latest entries for that month come up.

    if anyone could help, we’d greatly appreciate it. many readers have contacted us to complain, and I’m stuck.

    many thanks in advance,


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  • First off, please upgrade. If you aren’t comfortable with the latest, then please upgrade to 2.0.11, the only other stable, secure version of WP. Maybe freshening those files will solve your issue.

    Without seeing the template code (in index.php), it’s hard to say what’s causing that. If you had next/previous page navigation in your index.php template, we could take that June 2006 post and click on the next/previous link and see where it takes us. I did click on the category, which is very fresh, May 2008.

    Have you installed any plugins recently that might be interfering?

    your host may have upgraded to a bugged version of SQL 5… ask them if they have recently upgraded SQL.

    (and do what Joni said)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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