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  • Hello all,
    I am a Word Press novice and recently had an issue with a post that I am trying to figure out.

    One of my blog entries (which I have subsequently deleted) would load on my computer, but other people in my office could not load the blog entry. It would load the header of the blog and then cut off the rest of the page including all archive links and other right column navigation and search options.

    Has anyone seen this before? What might cause it and how can I eliminate the error from happening again?

    Again my solution was to delete the published entry and re-post, not a great work-around.

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  • esmi


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    I’d place a serious bet that you pasted the content for that post from Word. Don’t paste from Word if you can possible help it. As you’ve seen, it can completely wreck your site in IE and stope some pages/posts from displaying at all. If you cannot possibly manage without Word, make sure that you use the ‘Paste from Word’ option in the Visual Editor tab.

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