• why is wordpress allowing technology that reproduces other people’s blogs, wholesale, including all photos and complete unexcerpted text, and without proper attribution? this blog–or BOT–or whatever it is, has been reproducing all of my posts as well as those of many other bloggers:


    is there any way to make this stop? i can’t find any contact information.

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  • how is this WordPress’ fault? Or even a WordPress problem?
    WordPress doesn’t control what folks do with the software.

    At least he does link back to your site as the source.

    It does not appear this person is reproducing your post they are simply posting short blurbs and sending the reader to your own original article.

    It looks as thought they are driving more viewers to your page. Do you find that disagreeable?

    i do find it disageeable when someone is reproducing the entire contents of my blog (not just short blurbs) without mentioning the name of my blog. and it’s not driving much traffic to my blog at all. pretty much none. as far as wordpress is concerned, it appears to be a wordpress blog, or something related, so i thought someone here might know what’s up. i really don’t know what it is or if a human being is actually producing it, or if it’s just a bot. that is the question.


    Welcome to the internet.

    as far as wordpress is concerned, it appears to be a wordpress blog, or something related, so i thought someone here might know what’s up.

    WordPress is a free piece of software. Anybody can use it for any purpose. We have no control over what other people do with it. Obviously, nobody condones what that site does, but we are powerless to stop them.

    WordPress itself does not contain any code that can read other people’s blogs and repost them. They would have to use a plugin or some other piece of software outside of WordPress to do that.

    There are some very ‘good’ plugins out there for stealing content. It’s fairly easy to take other site’s RSS feeds, modify them by substituting words, and link to advertising, all automatically.
    This is called autoblogging and it’s very popular right now. That’ doesn’t change the fact that it’s stealing though.

    It’s the same thing as viruses on Windows. WordPress is easy to use and popular, so people have written tools to exploit it to do shady things.

    As thisisedie said, welcome to the internet.

    AutoBlogging is not stealing. i run a automotive site and run wordpress for the news section. I have +10 sites where i pull the rss feeds from.

    Once i deleted a site and i got an email asking to put there rss back up. (i didn’t but that shows you that autoblogging software is not all SPAM.)
    I do have to ad that 95% of people using wp-o-matic do it for the wrong reasons.


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    AutoBlogging is not stealing.

    Oh come one, sure it is. If you actually write up about someone elses blog posts, that’s not stealing. That’s a “Hey, run over to this place and check out this article about Spacely Sprockets” and that’s authentic flattery.

    If you systematically pull feeds from other sites and post the content on your blog, that’s just trying to get visitors your site using other peoples work.

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