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    My WordPress 2.0.2 does not show up in search engines, though the entries are there for over a month. I checked the w3C post and it was mentioned that there are robots.txt files in my blog posts? I couldn’t find any robots.txt files in my wordpress directory though.

    Is there something I’ve overlooked? Basically the keyword I entered doesn’t help, no matter how unique they are. Is there something wrong?


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  • send me your URL and I will take a look.

    Is this problem with all search engines? What have you been searching for? What’s the URL of your site?

    Hi thanks.. My URL is

    Apparently all my previous blog entries with other blog hosts seem to appear, but there’s very few statistics with Google and Yahoo Search..

    p.s if you dont fancy sharing your url then do the following in all 3 major search engines:

    If your site appears then it is in the search engines.

    I found 55 pages in google. You may be not allowing the spiders to your main page though.



    The links there were from a subdomain of my website, which I took down some months back. If you observe it, they are actually broken links.. So I don’t get why the broken links are indexed, and the working ones are not indexed..

    What could I have done that has disabled spiders from coming to my main page? My Awstats shows the spiders coming in, but i suspect they didn’t get to draw out anything..

    ok, done some research. The main reason your blog is not showing up very well is because you have no backlinks. Yahoo says you have 2 links and guess where those links are from? YOUR site.

    Basically you have no links therefore the search engine spiders are having a hard time finding your site. Infact, the search engines have no reason to even believe your site exists.

    Hi.. Thanks for the fast response.. Perhaps the links to my site weren’t that much, but apparently comparing searches like

    <link removed>

    It gives me an external link rather than links to my blogs whne clearly my URL should show up first? I admit it was my fault for having too many broken websites in the past though..

    But I do suspect something is wrong. Could there be anything that I’ve done accidentally to my blog to prevent its results from showing up?

    The google search you did proves nothing. Those sites are NOT links to your site, they are just sites that have similar text.

    I dont mean to be rude, but I think you are looking at irrelevent information and then worrying about why your site is not appearing correctly.

    Your site seems ok, it just has NO LINKS. My site has 10,600 links and therefore the search engine spiders are 10,600 times more likely to visit me, index more of my pages and show my site in the results.

    I am pretty busy this week but I am available for some consulting. If you prefer to go it alone then I strongly suggest you get at least 100 links, wait 6 weeks and then re-check your results.

    Best of luck

    All right, thanks a lot.. Do you mind removing my URL from the previous posts?

    Really appreciate your time. 🙂

    Removed. Best of luck.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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