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  • I have tried multiple times to search for solutions for this and haven’t found an answer that worked for me yet. I finally broke down and decided to ask for help directly.

    I can’t figure out why my blog shows differently on different browsers. It looks good on IE7, but Firefox, and older IE look messed up(Firefox=only the background image shows, none of the text box backgrounds and things aren’t centered. Older IE’s the images are floating outside of the textboxes or images cover text, etc.) I’m not sure I’m describing the problems correctly, but I hope so.
    I’ve looked at a CSS validator…but everything showed up fine besides two colors being the same in two different places.
    I read that a pure CSS theme can cause problems in older browsers, but that doesn’t explain my Firefox issue.
    I used to see my site in other browsers. Now I know it’s showing messed up, but don’t know what to do about it.
    I used the default Kubrich theme, and just changed the image files in it to match my current website’s look. I thought using the default theme would be the best bet, since it’s the default.
    My blog is:
    I suck with coding.
    I’m new to the whole .php, code, blog, thing, but I am down to keep learning. I just hope a little direct help can get me moving in the right direction again.
    Thanks in advance. Aplologies if the answer is already here and I couldn’t find it.

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  • Welcome in the kewl world of web desing and CSS zonk675 ! 🙂

    This is a very vast problem… Well documented, wich generate a lot of discussion on the web.

    Honestly, it’s a way too wide topic to give you a precise answer… The best solution I can give you is to surf for documentation. You can start there :

    Or google for css tutorial…

    If I get a look at your site, my best advise is to go back to the “default” theme and then, if you want to change some elements, change it one by one, step by step… Then go back as soon as a problem occur, and find why before any new changes…

    Dont want too sound bad, but it seems to me that your site present a large amount of errors and it’s difficult to determine what is causing what… Track back and start on a new base.


    Wow…I was hoping for an easier solution (of course..hehehe)
    Thanks for your quick reply. I’ll take a look at that link and see if I can learn something. 🙂

    Any1 else got comments..please provide.

    I tried switching themes..and unedited (besides setting a new background image) I get some of the same funky results as before.
    I’m guessing that this is the issue with CSS designed themes and older browsers not being able to use them properly. Is that correct?

    I’m using theme Mushblue 1.0 by Mu

    Is this theme not compatible with older browsers?

    Well, for anyone that might read this thread, I wanted to come back and at least let peeps know that I solved my issue. I didn’t need to install a new theme. I didn’t need to change themes at all, for that matter.
    What I finally stumbled upon last night, was that I had made certain posts with video clips that had code that screwed up the rest of my page. If one of those clips was on a page, it looked all jacked up, things floating all over and a general disaster.
    This didn’t happen to all the video clips posted though, so I’m not sure how some ended up that way and others did not.
    Also, some videos were from Youtube and others were from elsewhere.
    I went back to youtube, got the embed code again, and reposted those videos. *The one video I had from ‘fatcap channel’ couldn’t be fixed, so I just posted a link to it.

    Anyway, if your content is showing up all crazy (like your sidebar floating at the bottom of the screen, posts have no backgrounds on them, videos and pictures aren’t behaving; try looking at each post individually to see if it displays correctly on it’s own. If it does, nothing to change. If not, there’s your culprit.

    Hope this helps somebody…I’m sure it won’t hurt…hehehe.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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