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  • I finally completed (more or less) my website transfer to WordPress. Back in March I was trying to hack WordPress into a complete content management system. Since then I became less ambitious, and have simply bolted the blog together with some statis pages in a seamless manner.
    Here it is:
    I’m not interested in blogging as it is usually defined, but look forward to employing WordPress for making regular updates about my work and hobbies, and for publication of a number of essays I have in mind.

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  • Good stuff, red!

    Just out of curiosity, how did you do that, and have it all link to your index.php file? Are there includes for other files?

    Great site! I once did something vaguely similar – large static sections plus bloggy/events-calendar-type pages, here:
    but yours seems much better done. I’d be interested to see your php where it differs from standard WP, maybe I can learn something. Would you show your source files to the world? Or even just me?

    Welcome to WodPress redneck . The layout seems to be holding up well. A nice looking minimalist blog. Have a lot of fun 🙂

    @redneck: In IE6 your menu has dropped away down bottom right… maybe a </div> left out?

    wairoanz, let’s ask Root about it first. It’s his layout.
    Since I comment the trailing DIVs, I doubt I left one out.

    Well it was working fine when it left the factory. But lets have a look.

    Well I can not see what it is. @wairoanz could you cofirm that Gemini is fine in IE at the moment please? I can’t see the #maintext css anywhere. But in general something has been added to the width of either the content or the menu. It may not be obvious what that something is.

    But in general something has been added to the width of either the content or the menu. It may not be obvious what that something is.

    Background image in the header? It’s 772 pixels wide.

    Because of the editing I am struggling with this. None of the usual suspects seem to be involved. This is the mental matrix to carry in your mind. My template is hack free (bar one tiny one) . That makes it easy to understand, flexible and robust. The calculation necessary is simple. Whenever IE sees a width it will deduct the padding and borders if any. The moz family will add them. To prevent unsightly gaps, there is no slack. On that basis the rap / content / menu all seem fine. Unless something is overflowing. That something might be hidden like padding on some fixed width content. Form input boxes can behave unpredictably in this respect. You might try increasing the rap width in 2px jumps. From 4px and up you could add back a rap border all round. It is going to be something very subtle I would think. And it might bork while you experiment. Good luck. 🙂

    I just looked at the CSS on Root’s page. As expected, it’s no different from what I started with (I really didn’t change the CSS much, except for font changes).
    I’m now wondering whether it’s the font ordering.

    Could it be because you have both <div id=”menu”> and <div id=”nav”> before your links start? I guess you are using a different version of Root’s Gemini than me… but I have just <div id=”menu”>. It looks to me like that the same block of css that controls that area on my site is controlled by <div id=”nav”> on your site. Try commenting out the <div id=”menu”> and a closing </div> and see what happens.

    Div nav is part of the upgrade package. Although it works fine It seems to be giving soming useability issues. I am going to be looking at this very closely. It might need a tweak. Thank you guys for your persistence and patience. redneck your explanation has been invaluable.

    Here is a colorful implementation of the upgraded Gemini which uses the new #nav. Check out the menu. It looks like goodsnake has set the padding in #nav
    and set all the indents back to zero and adjusted from there.

    I don’t see it. Goodsnake’s #nav looks just like mine:
    #nav {
    margin: 0;
    padding: 0;

    I went in and looked at Goodsnake’s padding on the elements in the #nav, and copied them. Did the same thing as before. Apparently, you can’t have any padding on the left with the UL or LI elements with IE6. IE6 adds its own padding, in this situation, and I can’t figuire out what is special about this situation.
    It’s not the font ordering. I copied Goodsnake’s font declarations and it made no difference.
    Is there a good CSS forum where I could hash this out?

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