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  1. Kettercat
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hey everyone,

    I have a blog with many categories & subcategories (and even "grandchildren" too). Problem is - some of the titles of the categories are named the same. For example:

    Category 1
    - Subcategory 1.1
    - Subcategory 1.2
    - - Related Websites

    Category 2
    - Subcategory 2.1
    - - Related Websites
    - Subcategory 2.2

    So when I pick the category I want to list my post in, when I choose "Related Websites", for example, I'm not sure which one is which. Plus, the list is listed randomly (or probably by category ID).

    Anyone has any suggestion how do I show the parent category too? For example, "Subcategory 2.1 -> Related websites".


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