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    hi, how do i put this to work? ive configured the pop3 email server and sent an e-mail to myself with blog: on subject followed by the subject, i wrote a message body but nothing appeared on the site…what may be failing?

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  • run b2mail.php to update the blog or setup a cron job to do it

    I keep getting a “wrong login or password” and I notice that when I run b2mail.php, it tries to use the first line of text in the email as the userid.
    Also, could someone explain the CRON thingy for me? I have seen it on my CPANEL for my domain, but I have no clue what it is or how it works.
    Thank you for your help!

    OOPS! I *bumped* my head on the wall! 😉

    This is an old thread but I’m having this same problem. I keep getting the “wrong login or password” thingy…
    As far as I can tell I’m doing everything as I should. The first line of my email is user:pass and I am using the correct username and password, yet I get the following from wp-mail.php:
    Subject: Blog:Test
    Content-type: text/plain, boundary:
    Raw content:
    Testing post by email. Hello!
    Login: , Pass:
    Wrong login or password.
    Password censored for obvious reasons… Judging by the second last line of text in the output from wp-mail.php, it seems as though it’s not detecting my username and password in my email as being the username and password. I mean, it seems to display both login and password as being empty :/ So, anybody know what the problem is here?

    wp-mail.php pulls back the emails from the server just fine. The issue is that the $result always comes back empty. Tested the query on the server and it pulls back the appropriate record.
    Below is the output plus added the following to wp-mail.php to get some output.
    ****wp-mail.php code****
    if (!$result) {
    echo ‘<b>Wrong login or password.</b></div>’;
    $post_author = $result->ID;
    $user_level = $result->user_level;
    echo “
    post_author = “,$post_author;
    echo “
    user_level = “,$user_level,”
    ****Screen Output****
    Subject: blog: test 3
    Content-type: text/plain, boundary:
    Raw content:
    This is a test
    Login: chris, Pass: ******
    SELECT ID, user_level FROM ci_users WHERE user_login=’chris’ AND user_pass=’****** ‘ ORDER BY ID DESC LIMIT 1
    Wrong login or password.
    post_author =
    user_level =
    Please do not say use IMAP… IMAP will not work for the scenario we are configuring.
    Thank you!

    Is this what I’m supposed to modify in wp-mail.php? I’m not clear on this. What am I supposed to modify exactly? I still have trouble with this. I upgraded to 1.02 and still experience same thing.

    You might try my script for blogging by mail, it also includes image support. You can find it here.

    i have the same problem. there is an extra space at the end of the password that is farking it all up. do this:
    on line 191 wp-mail.php, change:
    $user_pass = $blah[1];
    $user_pass = rtrim($blah[1]);

    i tried that… nothing changed. here’s the screen output:
    Subject: blog: email blog test
    Content-type: multipart/alternative, boundary: —-=_NextPart_000_0001_01C415E4.76D39100
    Raw content:
    this = is an email=20 blogging test
    Login: Message , Pass:
    Wrong login or password.

    You have to put the username and pass on the first line of the mail like this:
    This is the first line of my post…
    [Remember the trailing colon.]
    So, if your username is jack and your password is bauer, it would be:
    This is the first line of my post…

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