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  • I have gotten the blog by email function to work correctly. It will display that I have email when I check the wp-mail.php address and runs normally except… it is not posting the actual body of the email- only the header. Is this due to the partiuclar POP account that I’m using or perhaps something else…? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. -J.

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  • Here is an update on what it reports. NO POSTED CONTENT!

    Author = Email@Address.Com

    Content-type: multipart/alternative, boundary: —-=_Part_26016_4682939.1155229664260

    Raw content:

    Author: 1

    Posted title: Test Title
    Posted content:

    Mission complete, message 1 deleted.

    Any thoughts? Anybody? Please!

    Hi J: I had the same problem and I figured out that it was because I was sending the emails in HTML format instead of plain text. So now the bodies show up no problem EXCEPT they are all garbage characters. I am still working on this problem but you can try the “text” method of sending to see if this solves your problem.

    Anyone resolved this one yet ? If I send an email from my cell phone it reads the body, if I send from my pc email programme it does not (html or plain) … but it did when I first set it up 2 days back.
    Infuriating or what ?
    Before I ditch WordPress for something else … any words of wisdom out there ?

    Hi all,

    I tried a couple of things to solve this :-

    (1) Copying all files across fresh to overwrite the previous files … did not work

    (2) Go to the MySQL database and manually delete the wp- tables and rerun the setup … that worked ! OK, you lose all postings, accounts etc, but it worked.

    Only thing I did different was to play with a couple of the themes recommended through the wordpress website (I installed a Christmas one). I tried going back to the default before doing #2 above and that did not solve it.

    For now, its working.

    OK, a week later, haven’t customised with any themes etc and the problem has started again. The email to blog function is so incredibly useful, how come there is no solution ?

    Am now searching for other blogging software. Pity !

    It looks as though multipart messages aren’t being parsed correctly. I made a quick fix to wp-mail.php:

    Approx 165 lines in, you’ll see:

    if ($content_type == ‘multipart/alternative’) {
    $content = explode(‘–‘.$boundary, $content);
    $content = $content[2];
    $content = explode(‘Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable’, $content);
    $content = strip_tags($content[1], ‘<img><p><br><i><b><u><strike><font><span><div>’);

    Just change the line that reads:

    $content = explode(‘Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable’, $content);


    $content = explode(“\r\n\r\n”, $content, 2);

    In WordPress 2.2 (running on a Server with PHP 4.4.3) I managed to solve the problem in this way:

    in wp-includes/class-pop3.php I commented out line 372 "continue;

    I admit it was a bit of guesswork. I did not study the logic in depth, but I found out that in wp-mail.php $bodysignal never got set to true because the empty line that serves as the signal for the beginning of the body did not get written into the array $message.

    If you are a coder you will understand what I mean.
    If not, just try it and hopefully it will work for you too 🙂


    Commenting out line 372 “continue;” in clas-pop3.php took care of that problem for me too.

    Thanks for the help, Martinauer!

    Commenting out line 372 worked for me (thank you martinauer) – I feel like I’m a programmer now or something 🙂 – just 1 more “quick” question tho’….

    I like the look of peymano’s suggestion as well and am wondering if that works and what the difference is between the two offered solutions – programatically wise I mean?

    I’m happy with the line 372 solution but am wondering what the long term effects might be for either of the solutions above..

    Thanks a lot if you can help me here…

    Addendum: also, if peymano’s solution was tried by others how come no-one commented on whether it worked or not or even said “thank you” ??

    I tried peymano’s solution. It did not work under WordPress 2.2.

    martinauer’s solution did work, except that there the last line in the email is duplicated.

    I used Martinauers solution. Some success. But I just got like the firs 20 characters i the body showing up in the blogEntry.

    any one found a solutions that doesn’t make the errors?

    Have the exact same error – no body.
    Neither with plain text mails!

    Looks like an official solution has just been posted in the WordPress Trac!

    I haven’t tried to implement the solution yet, but I just found it and thought it might help someone out.

    Looks like an official solution has just been posted in the WordPress Trac!

    any luck with that? i tried it but now i just get

    Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/httpd/vhosts/ on line 374

    and i’ve tripled-checked my mods against the Trac code…

    guess i’ll go and try the earlier suggestion from above…

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