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    I’ve been searching for over a day for an answer to this… I’d swear I used to be able to Blog By Email, point my browser to wp-mail.php, and my post would be published. Now it just sits in Manage > Posts > Your Drafts and I have to click “Publish” in order for it to go ‘live’.

    Did I inadvertently change a setting that holds for review all Blog By Email posts as drafts, or is it supposed to work that way?


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  • Surely I’m not the only one using Blog By Email.

    No You arent. Ive just started trying to use it as a mobile blog… I have the empty body problems. Continuing the search.

    When you e-mail your post and follow one of the methods to post it (such as pointing your browser to wp-mail.php), does your post with an empty body get published right away or is it in Write > Write Post > Your Drafts waiting for you to manually publish it via the Admin panel?

    In troubleshooting, I decided to install a new, fresh install of WP in another sub-directory. No plugins activated, default theme.

    Fantastico on my webhost installs WP 2.1. I followed the Blog By Email procedures and the post was immediately placed on the website.

    I then upgraded to 2.2.1, and tried another Blog By Email which also immediately posted. However with WP 2.2.1, the body of the post was not posted – as other have experienced. Not a big deal though, there are other posts that solve that glitch.

    So in my original WP install, I’ve got a plugin, or checked/unchecked an option somewhere that holds my Blog BY Email posts in the “Your Drafts” queue. Does anyone have any suggestions on what it might be?


    …Well thinking it might be a plugin, I de-activated them all (6). I followed the procedures to Blog By Email, and it was immediately posted – not saved as a Draft which was my original problem.

    Now knowing it was a plugin, I activated each plugin, one-by-one and sent a Blog By Email message after each one. After I activated my last plugin they were still being immediately posted.

    All I can figure out is that maybe the order in with my plugins were initially activated caused something to mess up so that my Blog By Email posts would just be posed to drafts.

    It’s all working now. Thanks to (myself) for the troubleshooting and fix. Hopefully this will help someone else troubleshoot and fix their issue some day.

    Can i send images in blog by email as i can get text to display but the image wont.

    Haven’t tried that.

    Wow, I’m trying to do the exact opposite! Because I have pultiple post-by-email contributors to my site, I’m trying to figure out a way to get WordPress to hold their (or all) post-by-email posts as a draft until a mod or admin can edit and approve them. Any thoughts on how I might go about that?

    From reading the php, it seems blog by email posts are marked as pending on less the email address has an account in that WordPress blog. This can be changed by editing wp-mail.php and changing ‘pending’ to ‘publish’ in the line under

    // Author not found in DB, set status to pending. Author already set to admin.

    I added an account but it still didn’t post.

    I changed both lines 131 and 134 in wp-mail.php from “pending” to “publish” and it worked.

    I am looking for the exact same reason. Any luck?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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