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  • Hello,
    First of all, sorry for my so bad english.

    Second point :
    I’m trying to us the blog by mail system, but as all french, we have this sort of letters : é è à ê, and it does not display correctly in my blog. Instead I get some code like : =09 or something like that.
    It’s only when I send new blog entry by mail. When I add a new entry directly by the admin panel, it display correctly.

    Any one have an idea to help me please ?

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  • Any one have this problem ?

    Finally i’ve found the solution …
    Juste use : ISO-8859-15 encoding format and it works fine 😉


    that sounds like it might be whatever you are using to read the email is not decoding ‘quoted-printable’ text.

    i have nearly the same problem.
    i entered all information for the
    eMail blogging – i know that they
    are correct!!!

    but it doesnt happen anything!

    i sent some mail to the adress and
    at least nothing changed or better
    there are no posts!

    What could be the solution to solve
    this problem???


    well i dont know if quoted-printable decoding will fix the problem (but the =09 stuff sounds familiar with emails when i was testing my stuff),

    have a look at my code at

    then search for ‘decodeAndFixCharset’ and see the quoted-printable decode in there. maybe you can hack that into whatever code you are using?

    sorry…but it still seems not to work…
    is there anything i should change?
    i mean uin preference?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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