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  • I’m still not quite sure why SOME networks cannot open my webpage. The first time I noticed this problem I was at the Apple Store. It’s strange, what happens is the page just seems like it stops loading half way and just eventually times out (white screen). I tried other pages and they opened fine at the apple store. Then, of course, today an HR person at a company I am applying to informed me that my page was not opening. I have had at least 20 people test it and it was fine, but none of them were on a business network like the Apple store, so I’m worried that it is that kind of set up where I am running into trouble.

    Here are the things I have tried and it hasn’t helped:

    1. Changed servers and got my own dedicated IP ADDRESS
    2. Renamed EVERY file and got copyright issues resolved with the youtube videos on the site
    3. Changed themes
    4. Tried site at different times on business network that was blocking it to make sure it wasnt sluggish
    5. downloaded malwatch plugin and scanned for any hacks, nothing there

    I really hope someone can help…ive spent a week working on this problem with no luck…

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