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  • Thanks for the suggestions on how to fix the banner on my blog Voice of the Candidate. However, I found that the suggestion to edit the wp-layout.css file as follows didn’t work.

    In that file (the css) locate the body {}.You will see it has borders: 2px etc. Carefully delete it. That will fix your banner border. If you leave a dot, comma, or colon out of place it will bork. Just delete. That is it.

    Instead, after checking both the online help and the Lissa website, I changed the #header section as follows:

    #header {background: #C0FFFF;


    This seemed to work fine.
    The second problem was the default post font. The suggested fix was to edit the “font-family” section in body {}. This also didn’t work. What DID work was to change the font type in the “p li .feedback {} section to the desired font.
    Is it possible that some of the suggested fixes don’t work because I’m using WP 1.0 instead of 1.2?

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  • The important issue here is that you are happy with it. Lets not quibble about how you got there or we might be here awhile.

    To answer your question: not likely, it’s probably you just had some CSS in places the fix authors didn’t realise. For the record, you could have used !important when changing the body font-family to get the right effect, but the solution you have is simpler, and therefore better :).

    Yes but the header border is still the same color it was when the guy started out.
    He changed the header bg. Not the border, which was his original request.

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