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    My site ( was up and running great.

    Trying to get a plugin to work, I changed the file permissions of all directories and files (using an FTP client, Cyberduck) to 777, recursively. Whoops. And then the site didn’t work at all.

    Realizing my error, I have gone through and attempted to set all the files to the correct permissions (as best as I could determine). The admin side of the site now works (e.g., however the site doesn’t show up at all and the themes do not show up in the theme viewer (admin side).

    The permissions I have are:

    wp-content, themes and theme directory are all 755

    all theme files are 666.

    In general, almost all directories are now 755, and all files are 644 (with the theme files being the only 666).

    Anybody have ideas about why WordPress is returning blank pages? Should the file permissions be different?

    (Also, would just reloading all the wordpress files from my computer to the server set it up with the correct file permissions?)

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  • whooami



    and is the plugin still installed? delete it off your site using your ftp client.

    your wp-content and child themes directory is viewable, so your problem doesnt look to be a permissions problem — not right now atleast.

    Though you really ought to have your theme files at 644.

    You know how to use an ftp client — you really dont need to leave them like that, its not secure, so on and so on.

    Are you using a non-modified canned theme? You could do a fresh ftp of the latest build of WordPress, which is pretty easy and reapply your theme and start over with troubleshooting your plugin.

    Thanks guys. I did a fresh ftp of wordpress, it fixed it. And I decided to not worry about the plugin.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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