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  • hey there, I had moved my blog address to my root ( and now none of my wp pages work, how can I get them working again? I’ve made 3, one for an about, a contact and another for a product.


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  • Do you use permalink? If so, then you may have to re-generate the .htaccess rules.

    huh uh, im not using permalinks or htaccess…

    this is a straight out of the box no frills wp install.

    wp is using the index.php in my root for all of my “page templates” and not acknowledging any of them that I have in my theme folder.

    wp is using the index.php in my root…
    You’re saying that WP is using index.php in WP’s root directory, and not the one in theme folder?

    The content of index.php in root directory follows. Does yours the same?
    /* Short and sweet */
    define('WP_USE_THEMES', true);

    no, I mean that in the wp admin panel I’ve changed the blog address to (my site root) as the blog address rather than the wp folder.

    but yeah my wp index root still says that…

    Okay, moving on…
    So, you have three Pages and you’ve created 3 Page Templates for each of them. But are those Pages assigned to its corresponding Page Template? If a Page is not assigned to a specific Page Template, then Default Template (which is index.php) is used.

    yeah they are, thats whats confusing, in each “edit page” view the template being used in the drop down is correct. but when the pages are viewed on the site, they are using the index.php in my site root, and not the ones in my theme folder

    and this is the code i’m using for the template

    they are using the index.php in my site root, and not the ones in my theme folder
    You keep confusing me with that statement. You mean they’re using index.php in theme folder? YES/NO

    Your Contact Page Template looks similar to index.php. Can you post the content of index.php in theme folder?

    the site root, is the site root.

    this is what I changed in the wp admin panel to be my BLOG address rather than the default:
    Blog address (URI):

    I’m using:
    Blog address (URI):

    in the root of my site (NOT the wp folder), I have an index.php, this is what wordpress is using as my blog address.

    this index code is just the following:

    Tell me what’s different between index.php and Contact Page Template.

    this is the page that is supposed to be using the contact template. its not, its using the index.php that I have the blog address pointing to.

    you can tell at the bottom of the page it has “Posted in Location” that doesnt exist in my contact template, I’ve taken out the post meta data code in that template. If I take it out of the index.php at then it goes away, so this is how I know its using this index.php and not the contact page template in my theme folder.

    i’ve also taken out the comments template code as well

    still lookin for some ideas… thanks

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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