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    I wanted to start my own thread for this issue, i see their is already 1 thread related to this but people where posting issues about other plugins…

    my issue is directly related to this plugin, when the plugin is activated i get this message

    blockUI requires jQuery v1.3 or later! You are using v1.10.2

    and when i deactivate the plugin the message goes away….

    I tried doing what some people suggested and update the file jquery.blockUI.js

    so i went to and coppied and pasted the new code but i still get the same error message, is their any way to correct this, i dont want to have to keep the plugin sexy login deactivated

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  • I just wanted to let anyone know that when after i copied and pasted the new code in, it did not take effect, for some reason i had to clear my browsers cookies and cache then i reloaded my website and the error went away

    Plugin Author Andy Peter Hernandez Salazar


    Excuse us but we’ve been busy with other things.
    We have corrected all the problems and we are reviewing the code and looking for more errors.
    Within a few hours the plugin will be updated.
    Thank you for your feedback worked for. I just installed this one and activated it, then the warning stops appearing.

    Awesome! the jQuery Updater worked perfectly… Thanks 🙂

    thanks for the tip @vince!

    After updating WordPress from v3.5.1 to v3.8.1 I got that same pop-up.
    I use that updater ( ) and still getting the same pop up window saying BlockUI requieres jQuery v1.3

    When I installed the updater I got a message saying that Twenty-Eleven needed some translation into ES (spanish) and at the end said it didn’t worked.

    So what should we do NOW ?

    The output message was:
    “Instalando plugin desde el archivo:
    Instalando el plugin…
    Plugin instalado correctamente.
    Activar plugin | Volver a la página de plugins
    Algunas de tus traducciones necesitan actualizarse. Espera unos segundos más mientras las actualizamos también.
    Actualizando traducciones de Twenty Eleven (es_ES)…
    No se ha podido descomprimir el paquete. No se encontraron plugins.
    La actualización de la traducción ha fallado.”

    Translated would be:
    “Installing plugin from file:
    Decompressing …
    Installing the plugin …
    Plugin installed.
    Activate plugin | back to plugins
    Some of your translations need to be updated. Wait a few seconds while the update too.
    Twenty Eleven Updating translation (es_ES) …
    Could not decompress the packet. No plugins were found.
    The translation update failed.”

    This is my website with this problem:
    those entry pictures should show in a slide-show and not all over the page.

    I cleaned up my browser cookies and history and not solution yet.

    Also did what @jason102178 did, copied the and replaced it into my wordpress site, which is located in www/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/Assets/js/ .. and cleared cookies, but NOT solution yet.

    UPDATE: The solution to get ridd off this pop up is here but Somehow the update from WordPress 3.5.1 to 3.8.1 damaged my first page, the slide-show of 5 pictures is broken, instead of a slide the 5 pictures show in the same page one under the other.

    🙁 🙁

    another update to previous posts, as for some reason it doesn’t let me edit it (the edit link just disappeared and I’m logged in with same acct).

    Anyways, the site did fixed itself.

    But NOW I have a problem with the admin site, it shows in BLANK

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