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    Hello Blocksy Tech,

    I’m testing the Blocksy with different plugins and it works fine.

    I noticed somthing like integration with directorist plugin
    see this :
    The options disappear if Directorist plugin is disabled

    But, these options are not working, I mean there is no result whatever options are changed.

    I’m only using directorist and Blocksy theme (Free versions) on local machine.
    How to activate these options here?
    did I miss somthing?


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  • Hi @tarekelnemrawy

    As far as I can see, these pages are controlled via the Directorist plugin itself. They’re mistakenly reporting their pages as CPTs, but it looks like everything can be controlled from the plugin itself, since it’s using their own template.

    Have you tried looking around the plugin’s options?

    I can confirm if these pages are using the plugin’s template or ours, but only if you post your website’s URL so we can check out the DOM of the page — you might need to upload your localhost website somewhere.

    Hope this clears things up!


    Thread Starter tarekelnemrawy


    Hello @cteduard
    Thank you for the fast response,

    Yes, I can control similar options from the directorist plugin.
    but some of them I can’t find it easy in the plugin to test it, may be it’s there but under different title or not the exact title.

    I tested the plugin with other known themes, but these options just showed up in Blocksy Theme, this why I reported here.

    Hi @tarekelnemrawy

    I understand, but seeing the site is the only way to confirm if these pages are using a Directorist template (in which case we cannot do much about) or are using a Blocksy template (in which case, we can investigate more and seeing what’s what).

    It is very important to see the user’s setup firsthand, as many times there are a lot of options that the user might’ve configured, so it would make the setup different from a simple clean install.

    We’ll be waiting on your reply. 🙂


    Hi @cteduard,

    I’m from the Directorist team. I’m not sure if @tarekelnemrawy built that page using our shortcode or our Gutenberg block but if they did create with it one of our blocks, then there should be some options, yes. But looking at their screenrecord, the options are not identical to what Directorist have, looks like they’re from Blocksy.
    And I can confirm that the page is using Directorist template. The listings/posts you see on the page does belongs to a custom post type that Directorist created.

    It appears to me that some sort of integration kicking in when Directorist is active, right? That could be because of it being a custom post type, I’m not sure, I haven’t really looked into Blocksy and Directorist together.

    Anyway, hope this helps, we will also be looking into it from our end, let me know if I can help you with any other information.


    Hello @m4hd1bd and @tarekelnemrawy

    Ok, so I’ve taken the Directorist plugin for a spin.
    My take on this is that the only thing that the Directorist plugin needs to change is reporting their posts as CPTs, or maybe have them ignore them by our theme.

    The Directorist plugin is using custom templates, as Mahdi suggested above. The pagination options that appear on the page are solely controlled by the plugin and must be changed from the plugin’s settings.

    The options for Directorist appear in Blocksy’s Customiser because they are reporting them as CPTs, but these options do not work because they’re using their own template. Nothing necessarily wrong here. In the end, the options from the Customiser can be ignored.

    So to draw the bottom line here is that @tarekelnemrawy should use the plugin’s settings to control everything, as these pages are completely controlled by the Directorist plugin.

    Hope this clears things up.

    Hello @m4hd1bd @tarekelnemrawy

    I have spoken with our development team and for the next update, the customiser options will be gone, since they were incorrectly shown. The Directorist plugin has all the options necessary to configure these pages.

    So for now, simply ignore the customiser options and use the plugin’s settings to further change how it behaves.

    Hope this clears things up!


    Thread Starter tarekelnemrawy


    All pages are built with directorist wizard after installing it directly, so I think it’s built with shortcode in classic WordPress editor.

    I will take your advice to ignore the customiser options untill the next theme update.

    Many Thanks for both of you @cteduard and @m4hd1bd

    Best Regards

    Happy to have been of help! 😀

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