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  • This plugin provides lots of goodies, many are more than I need for an average job. Yet, it’s missing a couple essential must-have features to get a basic job done right.

    I want to create a two column design element. The left column has a solid color background with white text as a heading. The right column has white background with a paragraph of black text – simple layout. Though, I can’t find a way to fill in background color for the left column. I can drop in a Container, but I also want the solid background to fill the entire length of the column. The container only expands with the text content. Also, I want the entire 2-column module to have a border – can’t do that with the tools either. So I ended up having to use custom CSS to make up for the shortfall of Stackable available tools.

    What I suggest is merge Container and Columns into one block instead of two separate ones as they are now. Often times layouts call for columns along with background colors, borders, margin, padding, and content alignment all into one design unit.

    Thanks for listening.

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  • Plugin Author Benjamin Intal


    Hey Skylabb,

    You can actually do the background colors already. When you have a Columns block, you can select each of the Column blocks, then change their layouts so you can add a background in each of them. Once you’ve changed the layout of the Column block, it kind of becomes a Container block 🙂

    Here’s a video that shows how to do this:

    As for the borders, this is quite a requested feature, so we’re considering adding this one soon.

    I hope you reconsider your rating!

    Thread Starter Steven


    Thanks for the quick response, Benjamin.

    Your clarification of how to add solid color background to a column works. This leads to a couple other related issues.

    Under Layouts settings, the two options Basic and Plain make little sense. First, why even these options to begin with? Why not have all the settings available and let users adjust what they need? Secondly, the label words ‘Basic’ and ‘Plain’ translate to more or less the same thing – plain is basic, basic is plain! So I think the UI here can be improved. I’m an avid user of software products and I totally don’t get this part.

    I could apply color background to a column in Plain mode. However, when applying padding for that column, I get a white gap between the solid color and the column border. This is because the way CSS is applied to the elements. Padding and background color are not applied to the same selector – they work independently and hence, the white gap.

    This is the simple layout I want to create (see link for screenshot.) It takes a lot of work just to get to what I want to achieve. You can try create this on your end and see if you run into issues.

    Thanks you.

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    Plugin Author Benjamin Intal


    Hey Skylabb,

    We’re always looking for areas of improvement, so suggestions are always welcome.

    Regarding the basic and plain names. What would you think a good name would be? These are the names we’ve used across all our blocks, so for consistency we’ve also used the same ones there. But if something else is better, then we can definitely consider it.

    The column gap is a premium feature, but we are considering adding it in free since it’s a basic necessity for columns.

    I see your point though, right now you will need some CSS to achieve this. The main thing missing are the borders that you can color, we do not currently have this (only shadows and a thin gray border). But a lot of people have been requesting it, so we will be working towards this in the next coming updates.

    Thread Starter Steven


    Hello Benjamin –

    Can you help explain the difference between these two layout options? As a user, it’s not all that clear to me the intent of these options. One has less design settings and the other has more (background, margin, padding, etc.)? Do users choose plain so they don’t need to deal with all the extra settings? Understanding the purpose and intention is key to labeling UI elements effectively. I’m a UI/UX designer.

    It is common to see plugins offer premium version. What works well is offering advanced feature in the paid version. What doesn’t work is seemingly missing random features in basic and essential tools, thus forces users to pay up because they can not get some basic job done. I consider column gap to be a basic and essential feature and should be part of free version.

    And thank you for considering make border settings available.

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