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  • Listen I hate putting this review in, but the service will damage you, your business, and your brand because there are far too many false positives.

    And support doesn’t have any answers really to all the false positives.

    With this on my site, I have had so many people asking me why I have blocked them from my website, its been a disaster really and a huge waste of my time.

    The control panel on their website is extremely slow. Doing a search is just too slow, way too slow.

    At the end of the day, their methodology doesn’t work. Maybe 5 years ago, but not for today’s internet.

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    We regret that you have such an opinion.

    The CleanTalk service provides the ability to send feedback. The feedback you have already sent contains only 4 requests. IP addresses and subnetworks in these requests have high spam activity.

    However, we have made some changes for your account and we ask you to check the work and give us a little more feedback. Go to CleanTalk Dashboard->Anti-Spam Log->mark requests as not spam or spam

    Please, let us know when it will be done via Ticket system

    Also, we did not receive from you any admits about the issue with the control panel work in our discussions with you. We would investigate what is wrong with the control panel, so please, contact us via Ticket system or open a new topic on


    It’s not an opinion, it’s my experience using this service.

    Regardless, I have moved on even though I just paid for the year a few weeks ago. I need something that works, not something that causes all these issues to real people, real users. It damages my credibility when legitimate users, over and over, are rejected from commenting, participating in discussions, and just logging into my website.

    The way this service works will cause more problems then it solves for people.

    It makes no logical sense to me that an IP address that has never left a spam message on any website in the CleanTalk network but is on a subnet as an IP that has, would be blocked. Especially when the comment doesn’t fit the pattern of a spam message.

    Plugin Support SergeM


    If an IP didn’t have any spam activity it doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be used to start sending spam. We are getting spam from several thousands of IP addresses every day that weren’t spotted in spam activity before and they attacked several websites at once.
    Aug 18, 2019 10:07:47 – Aug 19, 2019 10:07:47
    Blacklisted 26371 IPs, 1657 Emails.

    Texts of spam messages could be absolutely neutral but contain some elements of advertisements or something like this. One of the most popular examples is “thank you for your article, I learned many new things from it and I have this and that information <concealed-link>” plus they have a link on their profile or in their nickname.

    Therefore if you have any false positives let us know about them. We will be able to check them more thoroughly.

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