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  • I have a few post snippets that have variables (ex. post_type=page,depth=0,child_of=0 and label=Learn More,url=, but then the Post Snippet block in the Blocks/Gutenberg editor doesn’t have the variable fields as editable. No matter what, I can’t get it to fill anything into the text fields for the post snippet variables (can’t directly type, can’t copy & paste into it, etc.)

    I then tried to switch to editing the block via HTML, but it oddly showed the snippet’s shortcode as [button label=Learn MoreJ=]… where did J= come into play? I manually set that to then be something like [button label="Learn More" url=""], but then switching back to the block editor said it was broken & needed to recover itself… at which point it went back to the odd output it had before where I then can’t fill in any of the variable fields.

    I first thought it was something with post snippet variables with spaces, but then it also happens for [wp_list_pages post_type="page" depth="0" child_of="10"] (with the defaults not having any spaces or anthing odd) via the blocks editor where it instead has it become something like [wp_list_pages post_type=page8=] somehow.)

    Maybe it’s specific to how it’s parsing the multiple variables, handling shortcodes variables with spaces, something else, or a mixture of things.

    Meanwhile, it appears that selecting & using post snippets that don’t have any variables is working perfectly fine.

    Also, I have other blocks from other plugins being used on the page without issue so it’s not an overall blocks/gutenberg issue from what I can tell (in addition to having a post snippet block being the only block on the page so it shouldn’t be a conflict with other blocks on the page.)

    I look forward to being able to use the blocks of this plugin (with variables) with the Blocks editor. Thanks in advance!

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    Hi @kzeni,

    Thank you for contacting us,

    It seems that the issue is only happening when you give default values to variables, can you confirm this.
    Have you tried the snippet without adding default values?



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