• Very bad plugin, it blocks google and anyone else. Who is wordfence to decide to block normal human. garbage plugin, never install it again

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    We’re sorry you had this experience. If I were to guess, it sounds like the plugin might not have been seeing the correct IP address of visitors. But then I would think that wasn’t the case since your forum post seems to indicate that we don’t block anything at all.
    I think your point in that post was that having iThemes or Wordfence attracted more malicious visits. I’d disagree. Anytime you want to verify what you see in Live Traffic all you need to do is pull the server access logs and search for the IP address you saw. You’re running a WordPress site on the internet and, unfortunately, malicious visitors like bots and scripts are going to try and get in. If they didn’t there wouldn’t be any need for security plugins at all.

    At any rate I certainly understand your frustration. Having legitimate visits blocked isn’t something we aim to do. It is rather hard to help when you aren’t providing enough information for us to help. Since you have already obviously uninstalled the plugin we wish you luck with whatever security solution you choose to go with.


    Not true, sounds like user error, possibly lying in the country blocking section not being used properly.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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