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    Honestly, I could see and understand why wordpress is getting this direction, no doubt teh blocks concept make all far more modular etc.. BUT all seems to be quite confusing, too many steps to get to some point when editing and re-editing a bit inside the block seems to get into another mode then suddenly you find yourself in another mode etc.. too many buttons and stuff around creating a huge confusion instead of making it easier (looks trendy but not so practical yet).
    It seems to me it needs far more work and testing with lots of people specially when editing and re-editing content ..
    For example, when you create a block of text (paragraph) then if you want to make bold a wordk there is not working .. meanwhile in the previous block is working .. all these scenario happened when deciding to switch back to gutenberg since I deactivated months ago, then wanted to have a try after all teh updates to see if I was feeling more conformable (considering you would make it default in WP version 5, but no way, theses sort of details seem to need a bit more of adjustments to allow editing faster.. is amazing the huge amount of time you waste when trying to find out whats going on when switching from the classic editor ..

    I would like being able to contributing with a more deep feedback but this is what I can report and express so far..

    something else I have experienced is that when adding elements then wanting to remove them, (like columns blocks) the interface to delete does not seem visually clear and actually you would assume that by pressing delete keyboard would go away but it does not unless you have pressed the right icon of the box that sometimes slip away ..

    another think I find uncomfortable is the space division, not sure why should the content text are display in such a narrow area leaving all that white space around (I guess to allow displaying those controls like plus icon etc but still it makes it feel like you are eating on a ryanair seat heheh.. sorry really but I wish I could get more inspired and have more technical knowledge do describe all these things in a far more precise way and even to contribute wiht some solution but .. I am tired now (Gutenberg cane make you feel “tired” indeed ha hehe

    Hope it makes sense , and hope seeing Gutenberg evolving to a far more solid interface as the block issues is quite good and with lots of potential indeed

    PS: these are some of the reasons why I would not be given more than three stars yet 😉

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    I am back after a minor updated .. wow not sure if I gave too many stars.. really is a disaster ! is not possible having to spend hours to edit something just because the interface having many inconsistencies..
    This way would be a disaster honestly, right now I had to spend literally almost 40 minutes trying to add some links to a text with an image but everything was a mess as it seems to me pages that were build in classic mode are not properly handled by Gutenberg ..

    where all this is going to lead wordpress and its users ?? I am not sure. Still lots of work I can see for developers and as I said the best part of Gutenberg is indeed the blocks concept and all its great possiblities but HEY The INTERFACE is a quite disastrous.. please please please work far more on improving the whole experience through a clean easy and consistent interface in which actions could done instantly and not having to go around all the corners of the screen chasing icons buttons etc.. this way is simply mad and the good things of Gutenberg could be totally blurred by all these problems ..
    hope it makes sense

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