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  • I’ve got a weird situation. Throught my blog, blockquotes are showing as two different sizes. I’m on Mac OS X and have checked in Safari, Firefox 1.0, Internet Explorer 5.2 and all are showing as a smaller and larger font, intermittently.
    a screenshot:
    or, my blog:

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  • It is because some of your blockquotes are in a p tag, some are not.

    Take a look at the code. In the blockquote beginning with “School officials…” there’s an additional tag surrounding the quote whereas in “Train up a child…” there is none. You may want to take a look at your post and see why you’re adding the extra in the blockquote.

    Moderator James Huff


    When you enter a blockquote in your posts, are using the


    Don’t write like this:

    blah blah blah

    Do write like this:

    blah blah blah

    or, do a post with both ways, then stick to the one you like.

    “Beel”: that’s odd, I don’t personally use the “p” tag…ever. Is WordPress adding a “p” tag in there somewhere, I wonder?
    “MacManX”: yes, that’s they way I try to write my blockquotes when I hand-code. Otherwise, I use the blockquote button “quick tag” in the WP panel.
    “podz”: that’s the way I try to write them. Sometimes WP does it the “Don’t” way… and I try to correct.
    Thanks everyone… and “Junesix”, thanks for that heads-up. I’ll check my code again. But it’s odd that a “p” tag would be anywhere in my posts, because I only use the quick-tags, or hand-code quick-tags and not html tags.

    wp adds them, for quotes try:


    yeah, Beel, that’s the way I do it. I just hard break to the next line and begin my blockquote.
    Ahh…it’s weird. that’s all I know.

    When kept inline with the paragraph text, the larger size blockquotes are made. When hard breaking to the next line, the smaller ones are made.
    I have two different font sizes, one for blockquotes and one for content in my CSS.
    And…since I want my blockquotes to be larger, I now know how to assure that works.
    okay…chalk that one up to OPERATOR ERROR.

    Glad you got it. Now that you fixed that invalid xhtml issue maybe you can work on getting some of those 200+ other invalid xhtml tags fixed. 😉

    I didnt want to start a new post on blockquote design. So i just gonna ask my question here if youu guys wont mind.
    This is my blog:
    Here’s the css for my blockquote tags:
    blockquote {
    width: 370px;
    padding:5px 10px;
    font-style: italic;
    background:white url(images1.jpg) top left no-repeat;
    I just want to add a simple closing quote image at the end of my blockquote text. As you guys can see from my page, i have the starting ” image inserted. But i tried and searched high and low on how to insert the closing ” image using css. I already have the image, but just clueless on how to insert it in.
    Pls advise.

    Beel, thanks for the quick reply, althought that still doesnt solve my problem, it certainly cut down my css lines for blockquote:
    Now its:
    blockquote {
    font-style: italic;
    PADDING-LEFT: 20px;
    BACKGROUND: url(images1.jpg) no-repeat 0px -5px;
    I am still working/waiting for a solution.

    I guess I misunderstood you, I thought you wanted to put an image at the end of your quote.

    i did. That’s what i want. Just the link you gave me doesnt seem to work with my existing css layout. I am still working on it…..
    And i am tired…:(

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