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    For such an old and recurring problem I was amazed how little help I could find searching for an answer online. (Also searched here.)

    My blockquote styles break when I hit the Return key. That is, only the first paragraph contained in a blockquote shows the styling.

    Here you can see that i’ve instead wrapped each ‘graf in its own blockquote tags. a sorry excuse for a fix. But otherwise, as I said, only the first one shows style.


    (ps, this is a mod of the WP theme “blogger upstart minim”)

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  • well, now there is only one blockquote tag enclosing all those paragraphs, i undid the wrap i had around each single paragraph. so, as i said, the styling drops after one paragraph.

    anyone have any idea?

    Looking at your code, the <blockquote> tags would seem to be in the right place; but if I copy and paste the whole section into the Code Editor, WordPress adds a </blockquote> tag at the end of the first paragraph. If I then delete that tag, it all sorts itself out and becomes one quote. When I publish it as a post, it formats in the way you’re trying to achieve.

    Try opening the post in your Code Editor and see if you’ve got any extra </blockquote> tags; if you have, delete them.

    In addition to that, you seem to have lots of double <p> tags, which may not be helping – there seems to be more code than is really required.

    hmmm. thanks for the help, my friend. by “code editor” i am assuming you mean the “code” part of the window (second tab), so i’ll try that. i did try that, but maybe i messed it up.

    remove p tags and look for a first graf closing “blockquote” tag. let you know. thanks.

    weird. if i look in my code editor, i see nothing awry. no extra tags.

    but if i view the page in Firefox and select the blockquote area and then View Selection Source, i see what you mean. the hidden end blockquote tag. and the p tags. but those are not there when you look in the code editor.

    eh. this is going to be challenging, i can tell. ah well, back at it. thanks for the clues!

    No problems; glad I could offer some help.

    well, looks like you gave me the clues that solved it, once i followed up.

    once i viewed the source, i noticed on each line, there was code thrown in by the “ClickQuote” plugin i use (allows people to just click a paragraph to enclose that text in blockquote tags in the comment reply box on that post’s page). that was the “class” tags and such on each line.

    it occurred to me that code might be messing with my code, with all that inserting class tags. so i deactivated it.

    voila. the blockquote styling works.

    so there it is for anyone else having that problem. check to see if you are using the Clickquotes plugin!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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