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  • I’m testing 3.3.2 before I upgrade and I found this little oddity with blockquotes using Opera browser, not sure if its a bug …

    Using Win7, in IE9, Firefox 11, and Chrome 13, I enter a blockquote with these steps: blockquote button, enter text, press enter to move to next line, blockquote button.

    But with Opera 11(.64), I have to press enter twice, then backspace once to get back to the normal position after a blockquote. If I just press enter once, as I do with the other browsers, it undoes the blockquote.

    Now in my current install I’m using WordPress 3.2.1 and in the same Opera browser I only have to press enter once, like the other browsers.

    So 3.3.2 has an oddity with Opera, not sure if you’d call it a bug.

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