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  • Okay, I am totally stumped with this. I’m using the Auto+Focus theme, and I’ve got one page where I have a big chunk of text, several paragraphs long, in a blockquote. For some crazy reason, the end quote is added after the first paragraph, rather than at the end of the blockquote. The blockquote background and border still surround all the text…there’s just that pesky end quote in the wrong place.

    There’s nothing in the code editor that would cause this to happen, and there’s no trace of the misplaced end quote even in the source code. It only shows up on the page. What am I missing?

    If anyone could offer any insight, I would be so appreciative! Even if you could just tell me how to get rid of all quotation marks in the blockquote, that would be great.

    Here’s the page that’s giving me trouble:

    Thanks in advance!

    Additional note: Just realized it adds quote marks, inexplicably, to the <em> tag as well. Help!

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