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    The plugin works fine, but I had to use custom css. But for blockquotes it does not work. Though I cannot see an error in the text version of WordPress. In another program I see the following code:

    <p> … </p>

    and the font used is the one for p, not the one for blockquote.

    Obviously I can change the font for p, but that would mean that I cannot use p anymore for the purpose of p.

    Any other solution?

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  • the quote is not only <p>, it is between the blockquote tags !!

    Here is a link to the same problem (it is a WordPress problem)

    This works (partially):
    Enter the custom css as follows
    #container blockquote p{ font-family: ‘Merriweather’; }

    In WP 3.8 blockquote positions wright but does not pick up de font properties ( in my case italic) and the font is neither Merriweather, seems also to be smaller.

    So unfortunately not yet solved.

    Chris Dillon



    If I understand correctly, the font is loading correctly but the <p> inside of <blockquote> is styled like any other <p>?

    I assume you’re selecting the Blockquotes option under 2. Elements you want to assign this font to:*, yes?

    If so, then here’s a hack. Edit google-fonts.php, look for this section starting at line 93:

    var $gf_usage_elements_map = array(
    	'body' => 'body',
    	'heading1' => 'h1',
    	'heading2' => 'h2',
    	'heading3' => 'h3',
    	'heading4' => 'h4',
    	'heading5' => 'h5',
    	'heading6' => 'h6',
    	'blockquote' => 'blockquote',
    	'p' => 'p',
    	'li' => 'li'

    and change

    'blockquote' => 'blockquote',


    'blockquote' => 'blockquote p',

    This adds the font to the <p> tag inside of <blockquote>‘s.



    Thanks !
    That does it. I already got the same hint from a colleague of you. Strange, however, that the plugin does have this changed from the beginning.

    For other people: the php page is located here:
    /domains/xxx your domain name xxx/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-google-fonts

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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