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  • Chris


    Seen this phrase in bing webmaster tools
    inurl:aspx a paypal account#TAB# + creditcard ?site=

    Whats the best way to redirect such queries like giving the a 403 for security

    Any plugins
    Which files to edit

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  • Why not ask Bing, since that’s where you found it?

    The phrase you state is a specific one that a person wouldn’t look for unless they already knew what they were looking for. Perhaps you are not explaining yourself properly and more information needs to be provided?

    Thread Starter Chris


    Hello Rob. I was thinking of something I read once to blog spam you can block people searching for in url powered by wordpress and a few other questionable search terms. There was a plugin but that was around 2012. If anyone remembers such a plugin.

    Moderator bcworkz


    It’s difficult to fully hide the fact a site is WP based. You can make it a little harder by suppressing certain output but it’s not that effective. I don’t think hard core spammers bother to search for WP sites, they assume all sites are WP based and hit them all. They’ll be right 1 out of 3 times, not a bad success ratio for spammers. IMO the best way to block spammers is by using the Akismet plugin.

    Just a note – Akismet is not a free plugin for the vast majority of websites

    Free keys are for personal, non-commercial sites only — no exceptions. If your site has advertising or affiliate links, sells products or services, solicits donations or sponsorships, or is in any way related to a for profit business or educational organization — your site is considered commercial.

    Other anti spam plugins are available

    Chris, there are too many ways to search for vulnerabilities in a website regardless of what software is being used. That is why website Security is so important. If you haven’t already, install a Firewall Plugin to help tighten things up. I can recommend WordFence (Free version) as a good one to use, having used & tested it myself and other sites.

    Doing some learning about your Hosting environment and how to work with it will also help. If using Apache there are excellent Tutorials and Plugins available to help focus on specific security areas. This is also a requirement of running any type of website and either the Owner does it themselves or they get someone to do it for them. Everyone needs to understand their site will experience hack attempts and better to be prepared ahead of time.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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