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  • Hello,

    I install Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets when I activate the module blocking my access to the site.

    I have to uninstall it manually for my site to work again. How can I see what is blocking in the module or where it can come from.


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  • Plugin Author


    Hello Loic,

    Thanks for reporting this error.

    Could you please give me some more information? What do you mean by “blocking access”?

    1. Does your site stop responding the moment you activate the plugin, or at a later time? If you have set up a coin adapter, which one did you set up?

    2. Does the site appear as loading in your browser for about 30 seconds? Or does it fail immediately?

    3. Do you see an error message, or a white screen?

    Generally these errors can be diagnosed if you enable WordPress debugging and look at your logfile after the crash. The log file will be at wp-contend/debug.log.

    If you could find an error message for me, then I can provide some advice.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    kind regards

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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