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  • This is one url (California, Mountain View, that is sending TONS of spam to my blog. WordPress’s spam filter does catch these spams messages but then I have to go through hundreds of spam messages if I want to make sure no real comment got stuck in the spam filter. It is also skewering my hit numbers.

    Id there a way for me to block that one url so that it can’t deposit its spam garbage?

    Thank you very much for any help.

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  • Go into your General Settings -> Discussion view.

    Add the IP to your blacklist.

    Except … if it’s that’s REALLY weird. It shouldn’t be sending you spam, unless you’re actually getting a ton of spamblog ping backs.

    Thanks. I’ll try that.

    Regarding the spamlog ping backs. I’m not sure how that works. All I know is that I’m now getting about a hundred spams a day to my blog. The only web site that hits the blog several times in a row is the googlebot site. The spams mostly appear addressed to previous blogs from the past, but they are the same pages as those accessed by

    Any enlightenment on how this works will be greatly appreciated!

    And thanks for the assistance!

    Well are they REAL comments or do they look a little like this

    The link you provided only showed a strange fan-shaped symbol and the message “Pingback: How to display your latest twitter tweet work-around for < teckline”. If that’s what I was supposed to see, then no, that’s not what I’m getting. Most of the spam is generic message that can apply to any blog, or advertisements for all sorts of stuff, like zune, or ways to increase blog traffic, etc.

    Then it’s not ping backs 🙂 You’d know ’em if you saw ’em.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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