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  • Morning All,

    I’ve installed the “Ban” PlugIn and it works great for nuisances (who just brag about resetting their router and coming back).

    However, the seconds it takes me to add their IP address to the list is incomparable to the time it takes for them to effectively switch off their internet and come back on – which I’ve noticed tends to annoy them a lot more then it annoys me.

    However, there’s a particular competitor site that I don’t want to access my site.

    I’ve tried banning their referral web address – but my Google Analytics keep telling me they are getting through?

    I appreciate that banning their referral path just means they’ll type in the address… But is there any way to log the IP addresses of people that arrive from a certain site?

    Its only 10+ visitors a day.

    I don’t want to do ranges – as this runs the risk of banning genuine people…

    But it is annoying that people can plagiarise peoples websites and there’s nothing I can do about it.

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