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    Hi everyone,

    I’ve done plenty of research on this, and think I know what’s wrong – but I’m having problems implementing the fix!

    Either with 3.0, or because of something my host has done recently, links to my wordpress blog referred through facebook are met with a 403 error!

    Research suggests that my solution has been posted already here.
    The last post by gonzalezea hits the nail on the head.

    So I need to modify mod_security via htaccess like so?

    Okay, here’s where I have problems:
    – My blog is installed in a subdirectory on my website
    – there’s no htaccess in the blog subdirectory
    – if i create one, it doesn’t fix the problem
    – There IS an htaccess in my website’s route directory (does wordpress refer to this file instead?)
    – if i add the required code to that file, it doesn’t fix the problem

    So I’m confused as to how I should edit mod_security. My host uses cpanel, but I don’t think I have access to WHM.

    I feel like it should be simple now, and I’m not a completely basic user, but I’m stuck!

    My blog gets a lot of traffic through a related facebook group, so this is kinda important to me!

    Thanks a lot!

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  • Hi Everyone – resolved the problem! It was a server side issue, and I needed to contact my admin. I think my permissions to modify mod_security were limited!

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