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  • I just found out that no longer shows anywhere on Google! Quite a shock, since I haven’t done anything to voilate their policy (like, ANYTHING!).
    So I’m wondering, could any of the redirection stuff WP writes out to .htaccess have anything to do with this?
    Either way, does anyone know what to do when this happens?

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  • Sorry, it seems the board choked my title. It said: “WordPress anything to do with stuff like that?”

    Google Confirms Automated Page Removal Bug
    or make some meta at
    in danish

    It is still in Google.
    In the Google toolbar type in, it will show all pages that Google has indexed.

    So it is. Though it’s mostly stuff older many months old!

    .htaccess & rewrite should be ok as google should index what it sees hardcoded into your html (what you see when you ‘view source’)
    I grabbed a quote from your May 14th Danish Wedding post and googled it. It shows up in other sites quoting you but no entries for your site. Most strange. You have enough backlinks.
    I see googlebot in my Textpattern logs at least once a week with 1-2 day delay in indexing.
    Did you recently change to clean urls? I tested & played with WP (clean URLs) but could only get the front page indexed in a 2 week period. Don’t know if it was a google, wp or content issue.
    Can you see googlebot in your logs?
    Check out other WP sites. Are all their clean urls getting googled?
    Select a site (find one by searching on “powered by wordpress” if need be) then google it using to find all pages indexed by google.

    google is dancing now. Maybe you guys should wait a few days and then its sure if your site is in google or not..

    It appears you are using clean URLs now, but I remember you using the old URL format, several weeks ago. Perhaps that is one of the reasons.

    I thought that the google-dance was passe and that they now did continuous updates instead on monthly index updates, with the monthly dances updating backlinks & PR only. I could be wrong. Explaining, interpreting and predicting Google seems to be a major growth industry. But you’re right, just give it time & see if the site comes back. Then panic – or not. :o)

    google doing fine here…
    if it wont, i will be doomed 🙁

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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