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  • I cannot access my stats. The message reads that my login name is not authorized to do this. I have been successfully viewing stats for a year until just recently. Help!

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  • Is this a WP question or one for your host?

    It’s a WordPress question – my stats worked fine on several blogs with one API key – as of this morning I’m being told I’m being told I’m not authorised to view my stats.

    My bet is this has something to do with the way they’re handling API keys.

    i am wondering whether this isn’t just a hosting issue. this morning, i, too, became unable to access my stats.

    Same to me:
    Your account, gondomir is not authorized to view the stats of this blog.

    thanks, roy. that’s really helpful information 🙂

    the link for getting help on your first link sends me to the help page for hosted blogs. i am hosted elsewhere. i’m hoping that the proverbial powers that be can share the status for this situation for those of us who are not on the farm.

    happy to write to someone there as well if it would help. just not sure to whom i ought to direct my message…

    The stats you use, use and you use them using a account. When has problems with whatever, I can imagine that this will affect your account and hence your stats. And when and its thousands and thounands of users, be sure that Matt and his pals will be working around the clock to get things fixed.

    thanks again, especially for your patience with me 🙂

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


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    If you’re using wp-stats, you may need to UNINSTALL it and get the latest version of Jetpack (which includes the newest wp stats).

    There is a bug in the stats server preventing some people from accessing their stats. Stats are still being collected, you just can’t see them until we fix the bug. You don’t have to do anything at this point.

    Ipstenu: there is no need to tell people to upgrade from Stats to Jetpack at this time.

    this is getting very frustrating. The stats for my site have been wrong since Thursday. Our hosting situation is stale and in good standing. On a morale standpoint my editors take pride in our risign trends and having the stats out of wack on a month that was goign to be our best is disheartening.

    We have been shorted at elast 500 post a day as the stats woudl cut off around 8pm and restart since the 16th skewing every traffic number since. Please advise. Today we’ve lost functionality on my entire back end for over an hour.

    there is no need to tell people to upgrade from Stats to Jetpack at this time.

    Why? If you know of a better solution or have details of why these problems are occurring, please say so. Fielding these complaints on the forum is getting more than a little tedious – especially since the forum mods/admins/volunteers haven’t been given any information either.

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    I said MAY and I meant MAY 🙂

    SOME people have only been able to resolve this by upgrading to Jetpack.

    OTHER people find it magically fixes itself.

    And even OTHER people don’t use it at all. (That would be me).

    So I will continue to tell people that they MAY need to change to Jetpack.

    Moderator James Huff


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    Agreed, Jetpack may fix your troubles, but we don’t have plans at this time to discontinue the Stats plugin.

    We are working on a few known issues like this, but please feel free to contact us directly via

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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