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  • Tim Smith


    It appears that is blocking our access.

    The site does not load via our ISP (Virgin Media in the UK), but it loads fine via an anonymiser or if connecting via a mobile over 3G.

    The site loaded fine yesterday so it’s started since then.

    We get as far as []

    before it times out.

    Any chance of some kind person lifting the block on

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  • Might have been a routing problem earlier – I’m on Virgin, and couldn’t get to anything on for a while this evening. Seems normal now.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Virgin and lots of other European connections are having routing troubles right now. It’s a bit outside of our control, but hopefully it will all be fixed up soon.

    Probably Peer1 having problems as Otto described above. I think they are the host for

    Tim Smith


    Thanks for the informative help. It’s all working fine today.

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