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[Resolved] Block Users From Specific Pages & Capabilities

  • Hi,

    My goal is to block specific users from having the ability to edit specific pages, but still have many admin privileges.

    Currently, I have set up a role (“admin jr.”) which inherits the capabilities of admin. I’ve selectively edited capabilities. For example, I am able to block the role’s ability to ‘add new users.’ Great! But… With this role selected I am having no success with page restrictions at the role level. The only way I am able to limit page edit-ability is at the user level.

    Am I not able to block and entire role from editing specific pages?
    Do I need to restrict page editing on an ‘per-user’ basis?


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  • More Considerations
    1) I am wordPress and AAM are both updated.
    2) AAM Plus Package has been purchased and added.

    Plugin Author Vasyltech


    Hi seanmanion,
    Check this tutorial first: http://wpaam.com/tutorials/posts-pages-general-overview/

    So you are saying that your users do not inherit settings from the role. Try to create completely new user with role Admin JR and see if it works.
    You have to understand the fact that when you edit individual user access it no longer inherit settings from the parent role. So make sure that user has default settings for all pages.


    Thank you Vasyl! I came to that very conclusion a few hours after posting. I have tried various new roles and various test users, but still am having issues:

    Current Issues
    1) I am unable to restrict specific pages access at the role level.
    2) When restricting specific pages at the user level (user assigned to this role), then changes made to the role (i.e. capability restrictions/additions) do not change at the ‘edited’ user level.

    1) Is there a way to restrict specific pages and limit capabilities at the role level?

    Plugin Author Vasyltech


    Hi seanmanion,
    Most likely there is a bug in setting inheritance. For some reason User does not inherit all settings from the Role.
    I believe the answer is simple. You configured access to pages for individual user and all these configurations are stored in database. That is why AAM does not try to get configurations from the parent user’s role.
    Try to restore default settings for User for all your pages and hit Roleback button. This should clean all settings.

    In upcoming release 2.5 we improved this part of functionality.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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