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  • Hello

    I’ve been using CF7 in ever website I’ve ever built/maintained. I’d not use anything else.

    Just wondering if there is a way that we can stop spammers/bots from submitting forms that have URL’s in them? It’s the only spam I receive now and it always contains a URL. I’ve searched high and low for a solution before coming here so I’m really hoping there’s a simple code or function that can be added πŸ˜€


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  • Akismet uses the URL submitted with a form as part of it’s spam detection algorithm if available. Contact Form 7 uses the Akismet API to help prevent form spam.

    Thanks Neil, I appreciate your response. Yes I’m aware of Akismet. Unfortunately you have to pay for the privilege.

    It must be pretty simply to disable URL’s within the body of messages submitted, that’s all I’m really looking for as I’ve got everything else covered πŸ™‚


    Hi Gem,

    I was alerted to this topic because you mentioned “stop spammers,” which happens to be the name of a plugin I maintain, so while I thought you were actually asking me for help, which turns out to not be the case, I think I can still offer some relevant help.

    You actually can use Akismet for free:

    Make sure to choose the Personal plan and then somewhere in the signup process, you should be able to choose a completely free option, though it’s a little tricky to find.

    Also, you might try my plugin as well:

    I use Contact Form 7 as well, and can tell you that Akismet, Stop Spammers, and Contact Form 7 all work great together to help you get legitimate messages and cut out the spam.

    If you need additional help dealing with spam, I offer support here:


    Thanks for your response Bryan. I’m not a personal user so I’d have to purchase a business/paid plan for Akismet.

    I’ve just downloaded your plugin so will give that a whirl and hope for the best πŸ˜‰

    All I really need is a way to stop people entering URL’s in the content of the message. That’s it. But I can’t seem to find that solution at the moment so I’ll keep hunting.

    Gem πŸ™‚

    Hi Gem,

    I recommend signing up for a free Akismet API anyway, just so that you can try it out. You can always upgrade later if you need to. Don’t let the marketing language scare you away. It’s more concerning volume than anything. The worst that could happen is that your API is disabled and they invite you to upgrade your license. You’re not doing anything illegal; you’re not doing anything morally wrong; you won’t get into trouble.

    Anyway, I think what you’re finding is that no anti-spam plugin really has a specific option for blocking URLs outright because this is such an obvious thing to check along with IP and spammy words, that it’s a given that all of these plugin are checking/blocking URLs by default, and therefore wouldn’t really have an overt option for it.

    In that sense, unless you pay someone to custom code something for you, you might have to give up your search for that specific option and look at defeating WordPress spam in general:

    Also, here’s a more heavy-duty security plugin you might try if all else fails:


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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