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  • mrgelk



    I am setting up a “thank you page” (or destination goal URL for Google Analytics).

    Basically, when users get to this page, means a transaction has been made, so in GA it counts as a goal.

    Of course, right now, if someone goes to this URL directly, without making tha transaction, it would still count as a goal, when it really shouldn’t, as the transaction has not been really made.

    In similar topics, people only say things like not linking the page anywhere on the site so it cannot be clicked, or making the page nofollow/noindex.

    But I really would like to go further. I would like to make this page really available ONLY through the accomplishment of the transaction. Meaning that even if someone finds the link and goes directly to that page, it will be redirected to the homepage (for example).

    Is there a way that can be done?

    Thanks a lot!

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