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  • Hello there!

    The new Gutenberg is amazing, fix lots of errors and improved.

    My question:

    Is there any shortcut to call out the specific block?

    Like if I want my next block to be classic or Image I would press ctrl+alt C or some other key to call my desired block. This would be the fastest way to call out your block.

    and there should be an option if I saved a block for reusability and used that in some of the posts and if I changed something in that reusable block it should be changed in all of the posts.

    If these options are available, please let me know and if not WordPress team should add this in the upcoming update.

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  • Hi! Good question and I got a good answer!

    If your in a “new” block, type backslash (“/”) and after that the block you need. For example:

    “/image” will return the image block “/head” will return the heading.

    Good luck!

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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