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    I’m being stalked relentlessly on my blog (among other places :/) This person was IP blocked but now inflates my stats and crawls my posts via proxies. I have the Killabot plug-in installed to keep them from commenting, but is there any way I can stop them from visiting altogether?

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    If you want to block proxy servers, your best bet would be to do it at the server level, rather than the WP level. Even then, it’s … not that hard to work around it if you know what you’re doing. Talk to your webhost, they can get that set up for you.

    The best way to stop them is to just not be online (I know, it’s a crap answer). The other way is to get a lawyer and get a restraining order. You have legal recourses, and I would take advantage of them.

    Dang. I talked to my webhost, they said it was a WordPress issue. The site is supposed to be my portfolio for finding a job, it sorta needs to be up… Oh well.

    I’ve been obsessively stalked for 3 months now and the law, from the local to federal level refuse to step in, saying they’ll only get involved if this person shows up at my door, which of course could be too late (not to mention very unlikely now). Basic lawyers, DAs, and magistrates won’t help either, saying it’s a waste of time and money for me to pursue. Not even his service provider will offer suggestions. I’ve done all the research. It’s a real bummer when all the resources explain how cyberstalking is a serious crime- but in reality no one cares, which only serves to make you feel more vulnerable. I know you’re only trying to help, and I do appreciate it, so if I seem kinda ‘venomous’ I’m sorry.

    The stalking is all online at least, so it’s livable, and mostly ignorable. I just have to be more proactive in securing my web safety and personal doings. On the sorta upside, for as much as this person claims to hate me, they’ve done wonders for my visibility on search engines.

    Thank you, though. 🙂

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    No, I’ve been there. And got a lawyer who understood it was the same as phone stalking, to slap the guy with a restraining order. Which he violated and was arrested. It’s been quiet since then. So I do understand what you’re dealing with.

    And your host is wrong. Dead wrong. You CAN block proxy servers from the server level. They may be telling you this because they don’t want to do it, but by no means is this a WordPress thing. ALL sites can do this.

    Thankfully my hero at Perishable Press can help!

    Hm, I found that, but was nervous to try it. I already have a htaccess so I wonder if it matter where I paste this code in the file?

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    Put it in it’s own section above the rest of your stuff. So it would go:

    Perishable Press's proxy codes
    Any personal customizations
    WordPress's calls

    And the code is good. The Perishable Press site is one I rely on daily and I trust his code with my life. 🙂

    Just dropping by with an update.

    I tried Perishable’s code but it didn’t work. Maybe it’s outdated, or maybe I missed a step, I don’t know. I’m only marginally code savvy.

    After some further searching, I did find a rather extensive code compiled over years that seems to work so far.

    Thank you though for the help, it at least got me pointed in the right direction. 🙂

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