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  1. fredcampagna
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    There is probably a simple solution to this, but I need to be put on the right path to find it. I have a WordPress page that will a lot of content that is frequently changed/updated, with some content that will be static and include some <div id> tags that can mysteriously disappear in the visual editor. At the risk of losing that stuff and it becoming a pain to constantly monitor it, can I set it up so that the part of the page that does not get edited often is not even visible in the editor, therefore there is no chance of it disappearing?

    Any help is appreciated. Even the proper phrase to Google for answers would be a help. I keep running into dead ends.


  2. What you could do is make a custom template for that page.
    Let's say the page slug is about-us.
    In your theme, make a duplicate of page.php and rename it page-about-us.php.

    In your page-about-us.php
    insert the text that will not be modified (hard-code it) and then below just insert your loop. Or the other way around if the text that won't be edited is below.

    Here's more info on how to make page templates - http://codex.wordpress.org/Pages

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