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  • I am trying to duplicate this site for my charity. Current builder will not transfer to dedicated server when traffic increases. Site will have about 450 links and banners in the main body of the site (2 columns). Is there a good plug-in that will allow creation of blocks (drag and drop with some sort of auto align) that will allow me to enter or paste HTML in each. On many pages, I will need to duplicate a block. I am used to website tonight by GoDaddy and know a little about css but that doesnt apply here. I do NOT need something that requires separating img from aref. How do I remove search bar in header? My site will have no blogs at all or respondents. Please suggest good font and size plug in as well. Thanks

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  • I get code that looks like this.. i just need it to do what it is supposed to where i put it. There is no html tab on my dashboard.. just visual and text modes. Do I need a different template and how do i search for one that allows html easily.

    <a href=""><img alt="" width="340" height="60" style="border-width: 0px; border-style: solid;" src="" /></a>

    Once I posted this the a href part disappeared.

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    “Text” is HTML. What theme are you using?

    Also see:

    Please also review:
    Do not post in other people’s threads – it’s not the way to get help on these forums.

    I am sorry for jumping in on a post. Never was part fo a thread before and didnt know protocol. Using admired theme

    Okay – the first step will be for you to create a child theme – because that way, you can make changes to the theme and they won’t be overwritten and erased when the theme is updated:

    There may be plugins that will add columns to your theme or you may want to look at creating a custom template for the layout you want:

    Or possibly Custom Post Types:

    Since I have never been part of a thread before, I have a dumb question. Is there a button that shows all the threads I am currently involved with? Or must I continually search thru all the topics to find mine?

    Thank you for the information. I am keeping this thread open because there is no doubt I will be having more questions. Since I am not a complete moron, I will probably only have to ask a question once. But speaking plain english will be helpful. I am going to try to make my own template because of how much i ned to modify any existing templates available AND because, bottom line, mine is going to be very simple. Thanks again.

    Okay first dumb question. I have a css style sheet i like. If I make that the style.css for a new template, aside from naming the template as outlined in the link, is that all I need to create the template or are there php files i need. like index.php. Is a page template the same as a main template. Like if i wanted the same template for every page.

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