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  • Is there a way I can block certain search results from getting to my site? My site is in no way pornographic, but ‘thanks’ to a coincidence in words that appear in a couple of posts, I now get hundreds of people arriving at my site looking for a particular adult topic (which does not appear on the site).

    For example, let’s say I want to block anyone searching for ‘adult diapers’ and ‘fetish’. I understand that I can not control what google does with the terms it finds on my site, but on my end, is there a way to block or redirect those arrivals?

    Mainly, it is annoying because my stats often show an entire page of people visiting the same post from the same search referrer.


    I know I can block search engines entirely, or make posts private, but I don’t want to do either of those.

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  • You can use robots.txt to block search engine indexing of specific URLs, but this would require hand changes to robots.txt every time you have a post you don’t want search engines to know about.

    This is what I refer to whenever I need to know about robots.txt:

    well, the url that is followed is actually my site’s wp installation internal search result, if that makes sense. for example, people search google, then they end up at my site at the page: virgina adults
    (just an example)

    i could try blocking that search query in robots.txt?

    i don’t care if people read the actual posts, it is just annoying to get all these porn seekers clogging up my stats.

    thanks for the tip.

    Hard to say if that will work, and I’m not familiar with how WordPress feeds Google with Search arguments like you’ve listed.

    I’d be inclined to talk to Google at this point. Here is the starting point:
    I’d try the Help Center first, then the Forums.

    Long shot, but I’d also look at the SEO and other Search Engine plug-ins, to see if you they allow any kind of exclusions to what is indexed. Last hope would be to wade into WordPress’ internal search engine indexing. Obviously, something is done, as there is a Privacy setting in the Admin panel of WordPress that says “I would like my blog to be visible to everyone, including search engines (like Google, Bing, Technorati) and archivers”.

    thanks for the advice. i think i will start by blocking the urls that the internal search engine points to, then go from there. thanks again.

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