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  • Ciao, bel plugin
    quando attivo il blocco automatico degli script mi blocca anche il noto plugin “Slider Revolution”, è possibile escluderlo dal blocco?

    Inoltre è possibile escludere anche la mappa di google maps integrata tramite iframe?

    Grazie mille

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  • Plugin Author Marco Milesi


    per escludere alcune parti di html dal controllo puoi provare ad aggiungere la stringa
    come descritto nelle faq


    I’m not sure how the code should be added. Could you add an example?

    regards, Kevin

    I’ve modified line 4624 in /revslider/includes/output.class.php
    <script eucookielaw_exclude type="text/javascript">

    and /revslider/public/revslider-front.class.php on line 524

    public static function add_setREVStartSize(){
    $script = '<script eucookielaw_exclude type="text/javascript">';

    It’s not a pretty solution however as this change will be lost with every update.
    Does anyone have a better solution?

    Thread Starter riccardobe


    Good question Kevin, even I did not understand how to do it

    there’s nothing like including the revolution slider shortcode inside your plugin’s exclude or something like that?

    an example would be very useful 🙂

    Thanks again

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Forum Moderator and Brute Squad

    Can a solution be discussed that does not involved modifying a commercial plugin? If not, the topic may be closed. Commercial products are not supported in these forums.

    I would hope there is a different solution. Maybe some type of custom excludes so the tag does not have to be hardcoded to other plugins php files.

    Thread Starter riccardobe


    I did not mean to suggest changes to the plugin, I was referring to a voice in their FAQ

    which serves to exclude scripts from blocking frames, in order to be compliant with the new European GDPR and not to see even locked slider revolution until the acceptance of the cookie banner

    and I think it’s the same for @kevingrabher and @milouze

    I hoped to get a practical example of implementation…

    thanks anyway for the help


    I don’t understand the rapport of GDPR and the slider (or simple image blocked by your plugin). The slider don’t take any information of user so no need acceptance.

    And the image or block of Visual Composer why is blocked ? is simple information.

    And the script is on my server where is the problem with GDPR ?

    This response is for you help, and for the other user, me i go to other solution

    Thank you

    It is not an active decision that Revolution Slider is blocked but a consequence of the autoblock feature which simply blocks any script I believe.

    So why now and not before ? Idem for Visual Composer and simple image…

    Ok i look your code…

    your ecl_erase is too restrictive…

    This #<script.(?:(?!eucookielaw_exclude).)*?\/script>#is is not good because block the script code injected by any plugin or theme.

    I thinks you need to exclude all script is not load by the same url :

    if <script>blblblblbl</script> OK
    if <script src=”sameorigin”></script> OK
    if <script src=”notsameorigine”></script> Blocked

    I thinks is better for user have the choice for block this iframe or this script
    and not your plugin block all iframe and script and user can do anything…

    And is not possible to say at user to change code of plugin ! Is clearly NO WAY for change any code of plugin ! Your plugin change or contact the other author to change his plugin.

    Please change your function ecl_erase.

    All new ticket concerne this function…

    Me i rollback to 2.11

    Thank you

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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