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  • I started blogging one year ago, and I chose GoDaddy for my hosting (BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER) and now am suffering all the time with their really cheap hosting, errors, downtimes, and useless support !

    My wordpress based blog gets down several times a day, and I’m also suffering with the error “500 Internal server error” when I load my website, and I asked for their help numerous times but all I get was useless answers.

    I even tried to upgrade my account to their 4 grid hosting (supposedly better), yet non of issues were solved, if fact things have became even worse !

    I tried to google my frequent “500 internal sever error” problem just to find out that many out there are suffering the same problem with GoDaddy.

    I heard turning of the FastCGI may resolve the problem, but I don’t know how to do that, do any one have any idea ? This will be my last chance with GoDaddy then I’m moving to another webhosting company.

    The funny thing is that when I asked friends who are running similar blogs with other web hostings, they said their blogs were down maybe once or twice during a whole year, while my GoDaddy hosted blog gets down 10/20 times a day !!

    Thanks GoDaddy for ruining my life and my hardwork !

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  • Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    Go into your control panel on GoDaddy and I THINK you can turn on error logging. That should tell you more about the error 500 and you can sort out WHY it’s happening.

    You may want to try using a caching plugin like WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache.

    Trust me Ipstenu, I tried sending the error log to GoDaddy support but they did nothing at all !! The website going down this many times is totally irrational, I mean it happens way too frequently, and I even sent them report from websites showing that my website is DOWN and its not just me, but all they do is reply me with “We noticed that there were no issues to duplicate at this time”.

    I’m suffering with them, and coming here was my last resort. Mu current hsoting plan with GoDaddy is more expensive than the others, yet the service and quality of hosting remain very low!

    GoDaddy, if you are reading this, know that I’m suffering like hell with you !!!!!! The 500 internal server error and the frequency of my website going down is unbearable !!

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    I didn’t say send the log to godaddy. I said YOU could use the log to sort out why it’s happening. What the ACTUAL error is. An error 500 has a lot of possible meanings. So if you can look at the log and see what the error is (like ‘too many redirects’ or anything helpful), maybe you can figure out what it is.

    reading your problems and previous history of the problems.I suggest you Two options

    [With Go daddy]
    Examine your logs carefully.
    if You don’t know how to read them find some expert
    Examine your Code carefully There could be some problem with your code.
    Check your Traffic states
    Check how much sites are hosted on your IP
    Are you effected with Bad neighborhood ??

    [Without Go daddy]
    Their are plenty of hosting companies
    For Smaller traffic works fine.Please make sure Their is no concept on unlimited hosting. This is simply a marketing gimmick.
    But Their support is quite good. [ Yes ! Go Daddy support is good too.But If you knows What to ask ? Server Wise Better not to comment ]

    For Scalable hosting
    Go ahead and choose or
    But Still Your code + Error logs need to be examined by you or some one who knows why and how they need to be processed.

    mralokkp: Its not the CODE buddy, its GoDaddy servers being un-stable and unreliable,

    one moment the server is running smoothly, and in less than 10 minutes the server goes down without notice !

    GoDaddy support does nothing to answer any of my questions clearly, they never take the effort and time to help me resolve me issues, all I get is an almost automated answer that is totally useless.

    The problem is pretty simple, GoDaddy hosts million of websites, and the result is the low quality and low level support !

    My code have been inspected by experts and they all agree that its intact, after all its just a wordpress based blog with a few common plugins, I can’t see where such problem “500 internal server error” and website being down frequently are originating but to suspect that this is on GoDaddy server end.

    They said the upgrade will help, so I did, nothing happened ! Of course just the extra money that I paid, this is very upsetting.

    Always Consider Optimization when you are over shared hosting.
    Caching DB Queries + Repeat request will help.


    Its just that GoDaddy cannot handle my traffic (2000 visits/day), plain and simple.

    Visit my blog now and see for yourself,

    Anyway, I decided that the best solution is to transfer my blog to another web hosting company in the next few days, I’ll probably choose IX web hosting considering the great experience my friend bloggers are having with them and way less down times than GoDaddy !

    again, Thanks GoDaddy for the nightmare experience I have had with you!!!

    500 internal server errors are no fun. Could you post a link to your site? Also if you’re getting this error several times a day there is something else going on.


    am getting this error more than you imagine, one moment blog is running smoothly and suddenly I get “500 internal server error”

    The 500 error is now happening again :

    I have one more question: Could the 500 internal server error be caused by my internet service provider ?

    First Comment : You deserve the traffic Man!
    Second comment : You deserve slow loading Time too!
    Rest stuff..
    Good At least you are using Apache.try Optimization of Apache server.
    Ask Go daddy People to Reduce DNS look up.BIND server is slow.
    I have one other site at go daddy with windows hosting. That’s had the same issue. I had reduced the execution time from 40 seconds to 3 seconds. With following steps :
    Junk code removal.
    Kicking off junk plugins.
    Optimization DB queries.
    Using WPSC + Minify.
    Caching over ISP server will also helps you to gets ride of repeat request.
    Still unsatisfied
    Hire some good expert.
    Or Purchase CDN services. ( Check ROI before this )

    Can someone check my blog now please,, its totally down !!!!

    Just so you know how jerky is GoDaddy support see what they said when I asked them to implement your recommendations:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Thank you for contacting Hosting Support.

    As this is a shared hosting server we will be unable to modify the server configuration. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    Please contact us if you have any further issues.


    Hosting Support Technician

    I said this before and I will say it again, GoDaddy support SUCK !!!

    He might be some sales Guy / or Do not have rights to handle your request !

    Ask them to check the BIND server.
    Their DNS queries are taking more time then expected.
    BTW. If You are unsatisfied. Try with some other hosting Or What ever that suits you / Your Traffic.But Still I say the same point. Before migrating to new server. You need to optimize the code.

    One thing I want to share with you. Their are certain good services that check your website regularly. And gives you report at your email.
    Make a Habit to always use those records whenever you are talking with Web hosting companies ( who ever ).In long Term you will know why..

    For example
    Use Google to find the best one that suited your needs.

    One More Tip :
    For any Critical project, where you can not afford downtime. Always ask your web hosting company for SLA
    Signing up SLA will clarify many issue you may encounter in future. And will make the communication easier both for you and your web hosting company.

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