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  • The images were all resized to be very small (after enabling lazy images). The performance was not very good as a consequence.

    The backup Vaultpress never worked once in two years despite paid subscription. Once the Vaultpress FTP / SFTP access were activated, the server went down a few minutes later due to total overload, so I had no website access for about half an hour until I managed to pull the plug there.

    I tried the website with, and without Jetpack and it just so appears that without it is quite a bit better.

    Unsubscribing was interesting. The people had put an interface without button for canceling the subscription on my portal, so I went to Paypal to stop payments there and wrote them a message.

    The help desk was very friendly in writing me what I already knew (some part of their software could not access my site) but I had to find the relevant htaccess edits elsewhere, as the Jetpack / Vaultpress people appeared unable to provide any practical help. Even that was not sufficient to force the stuff into submission so I guess this is for other websites maybe.

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    Make sure that you’re only using the Jetpack modules you want.

    Most of Jetpack is designed to speed up your site by taking load off of your server, like our site accelerator or stats subscriptions and related posts which are all processed on our end (rather than hammering your database as these features traditionally do).

    With that said though, the more Jetpack modules you add, the more your site has to initially process, just like it would if you added a separate plugin for the features, so always make sure youโ€™re only using the features you want.

    Regarding overall speed and load, here’s an excellent independent report:

    As for cancelling and refunding your plan, you always can within 30 days of purchase from under the connected account. If a dispute is filed with the payment provider though, we do have to remove the refund option until the dispute is resolved, to avoid double-refunding. Because of this, please do always attempt to refund through us first, or contact our support if you’re having trouble with that.

    Thank you for these very kind words.

    I cannot find any indication where to file for a refund there, the account website is not very clear. Also, the purchase and so on are all gone. There is no large easy to see “opt-out” button – which design-wise is rather typical for all kinds of other subscriptions that do not function well. Look, if a manufacturer screws up or does not provide working materials, I clearly expect them to live up to it. They have my Paypal account and if they do have the honesty, they know what to do. They most likely won’t just hand back any money they did not deserve, I anticipated that much, so that 1 point is really the maximum this deserves.

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    Also, the purchase and so on are all gone.

    Ah, there’s the problem. ๐Ÿ™‚

    That would mean you are not logged in as the account who purchased the plan.

    Check your emails for the purchase receipt, and that’s the email address you should be logging in under.

    If you don’t recall the account’s password, there are some options detailed at

    Once you’re logged in under the correct account, head over to where you’ll see the purchases listed by site.

    Any Jetpack plan purchased within the past 30 days will have an option to cancel and refund it.

    They have my Paypal account and if they do have the honesty, they know what to do.

    Please understand that we simply cannot cancel and refund a plan just because someone claims to be the plan’s owner without proof. That would be quite the security hole.

    We don’t have a way to prove account ownership on these forums, so if you’re unable to log in to the correct account, please reach out to us via and we’ll be more than happy to sort this out for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for the words, again.

    So: purchase history GONE. Billing history, there. The stuff didn’t work for > 1 year, but I now only sat down to check that. Not sure that fits into your “schemes” ; ) Sure not worth the money.

    My account where the Jetpack license was paid is, but the one I have to post here is on my gmail account. No buttons anywhere called “refund”.

    You have no money hole, so, KUDOs for that. Could I give you -1 star for that useless post of yours now?

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    Thanks for providing that email address.

    Via that, I can see that you have been already been in contact with us about this.

    We replied to you all three times (2 emails, 1 chat), but never heard back from you.

    I can confirm that in the most recent you asked for a refund. You didn’t reply to our confirmation there, but we can accept this as confirmation.

    I have canceled and refunded your plan as requested.



    Thanks for refunding a single 3.50 USD : ) of the many $3.50s you had received from me. 1 star max.

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    We do offer full refunds, but only within 30 days of purchase, so we could only refund your most recent monthly renewal:

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