• erikdemarco


    Hi, This plugin is too much. Even the filesize almost 3 times bigger than the woocommerce plugin itself.

    Please please please make a lite version of this plugin.

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  • Plugin Author Stock Management Labs


    Hi @erikdemarco ,

    Thank you very much for your review.
    I am very sad you have decided to rate such great software on the basis of the file size? It does not even makes sense? Why would you want to hurt the rating this way?

    Was it not easier just ask why and if there is possibility to reduce the size?

    The file size of ATUM is 37.3MB vs WooCommerce 26.8MB. (NOT 3 times bigger)

    From the 37.4MB of ATUM 27MB is only is the mPDF dependancy and such font files that are required for every language and PDF generating in reports.
    This has been included because majority of our users wanted that in.
    We are happy with this font library and do not want to change it. I believe do not change what works.

    Other plugins will ask you to download fonts instead and we believe that is more tedious and causes unnecessary issues.

    So over all, my team and I are very sad you have chosen this way to express your opinion.

    Please, do consider taking this off and rather use the forum where we can help you.


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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