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    (@stevepett) has just over 300 pages and a database size of 102.6mb so the site is slow and it won’t allow me to add pages or export the database. It is an old database which has a limit of 100 mb, but surely that should be more than adequatre for a single WP install?

    wp_options is 54.2mb
    wp_wfHoover 28.3 mb
    wp_postmeta 2.7mb
    wp_posts 2.1mb
    wp_direction_logs 5.5.mb
    wp_wfHits 3.2 mb

    I am seriously non techie so please keep the replies simple – so far 1and1 have totally failed to understand the issue!

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    The wp_direction_logs table can safely be emptied, this is just logs of 404 errors

    Not sure what wp_wfHoover is? I would guess one of the plugins… Can you view the table and say what is in there?

    Your wp_options table is probably that size due to the amount of plugins. I wouldn’t advise touching that table though.

    Do you absolutely require all of the plugins? I know I used to collect a few and then realise I don’t actually need them.

    First page of wp_Hoover:

    access	/	?��
    	 	 	2	.htaccess	/	��2�
    	 	 	3	sitemap.xml	/wp-content/plugins/google-sitemap-generator/sitem...	?��
    	 	 	4	sitemap.xml	/wp-content/plugins/google-sitemap-generator/sitem...	��2�
    	 	 	5	sitemap.xml	/2001/XMLSchema-instance	R�
    	 	 	6	sitemap.xml	/2001/XMLSchema-instance	|�o�
    	 	 	7	sitemap.xml	/schemas/sitemap/0.9	0��
    	 	 	8	sitemap.xml	/schemas/sitemap/0.9	G�S
    	 	 	9	sitemap.xml	/schemas/sitemap/0.9/sitemap.xsd	0��
    	 	 	10	sitemap.xml	/schemas/sitemap/0.9/sitemap.xsd	G�S
    	 	 	11	sitemap.xml	/schemas/sitemap/0.9	0��
    	 	 	12	sitemap.xml	/schemas/sitemap/0.9	G�S
    	 	 	13	sitemap.xml	/	?��
    	 	 	14	sitemap.xml	/	��2�
    	 	 	15	sitemap.xml	/testimonials/london-probate-client/	?��
    	 	 	16	sitemap.xml	/testimonials/london-probate-client/	��2�
    	 	 	17	sitemap.xml	/general/where-to-register-a-death/	?��
    	 	 	18	sitemap.xml	/general/where-to-register-a-death/	��2�
    	 	 	19	sitemap.xml	/your-probate-questions/is-mother-entitled-to-anyt...	?��
    	 	 	20	sitemap.xml	/your-probate-questions/is-mother-entitled-to-anyt...	��2�
    	 	 	21	sitemap.xml	/your-probate-questions/farming-wills/	?��
    	 	 	22	sitemap.xml	/your-probate-questions/farming-wills/	��2�
    	 	 	23	sitemap.xml	/general/widows-inheritance-claim-fails/	?��
    	 	 	24	sitemap.xml	/general/widows-inheritance-claim-fails/	��2�
    	 	 	25	sitemap.xml	/general/your-partner-dies/	?��
    	 	 	26	sitemap.xml	/general/your-partner-dies/	��2�
    	 	 	27	sitemap.xml	/general/intestacy-new-rules-on-the-way/	?��
    	 	 	28	sitemap.xml	/general/intestacy-new-rules-on-the-way/	��2�
    	 	 	29	sitemap.xml	/interesting-but-off-topic/after-probate-genealogy...	?��
    	 	 	30	sitemap.xml	/interesting-but-off-topic/after-probate-genealogy...

    I clicked empty in the wp_direction_logs but it didn’t seem to change the size.
    Do I need to click all the boxes before doing that?


    Do you have a plugin called wordfence?

    This seems to be an issue that I have found regarding “live scanning”.
    Basically that table is just filling up with live scans of site regarding Google Safe Browsing list – Not 100% sure for what reason though.

    The moderator is saying that the table can safely be cleared out. But I would look into this in more detail first.

    Do you use phpmyadmin?

    Wordfence is not a plugin I have tried (as far as I can remember!)

    PHPMYADMIN – I can use as long as I am told exactly what to do!!!!

    Thanks everyone so far.


    I have managed to move the database elsewhere and that seems to have worked.


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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