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  • I tried implementing blix on my site and when I do only the post titles show up and the sidebar heads off to the bottom. i have made edits that fixed this but then at random times it will go back to being weird…

    I put in just Kubric for the index.php and got it to load the posts but still had the problem with the sidebar not starting until the bottom. I have brought the site back to original Blix code, sometimes the sidebar is fine, others, not (the content shifts to the right for whatever reason).

    One possible problem, I am sure it has an easy solution, is the deminsions. I put a lot of photos, a LOT, on my blog and almost all of them are 490pixels wide, the width of my old blog design. An easy way to make Blix 490 wide for the content?

    Thanks again


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  • i deleted one of my Pages on the site and now things are aligned properly but still I guess no actual posts, just still the titles…

    ok so obviously i am workng on this haha. i fixed my problem by switching the order of things, minientry ran before entry and by switching that i got the posts to show. now i am trying to get the minientry look (he wording for comment and what have you) so it looks like it did before i did the switch… it is so confusing to me, i can only imagine what you guys and gals are thinking haha.



    ahhhh, post titles are missing now, amoung other things. well i am off to class, guess i will work more on this when i get home 🙂

    teaching yourself CSS is FUN!


    It’s the images; IE won’t render the layout if the image is wider than the container its in.

    You’ll either have to resize your images or widen the Blix layout by editing the layout.css file.

    i only tried in firefox, safari, netscape… hmmm?


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