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  • In my test blog
    I’m having problems using polls or in general, radio buttons, in the sidebar and also in regular posts.
    Seems like the radio button area uses more space (width) that it should be, messing all the template.
    I was trying to change the width values of the table of the poll, I went back to Default Template but it remains messed up on IE (On firefox look just not that ugly 🙁
    Could anybody give me some advice on this one or point me to a solution. I’m a beginner on WP and I’m learning on the march.

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  • I managed to make it work using the property:
    style=”width: 40px;”
    for the radio buttons and the submit button.
    Although the Poll Options (using WP-Polls) doesnt show the changes of the template correctly even if the changes where made, like I’d add style=”width: 40px;” but then it’s dissapear on the template… maybe it’s a bug of the Poll.


    I don’t know much about WP-Polls, but I’ve got another solution. I’ve written my own plugin, Democracy AJAX poll.

    It has fixes for the blix css. It is actually blix’s fault, because Blix’s <input> css is so overbearing. But I’ve provided fixes in the css file included with Democracy. I think you’ll find it much nicer to work with and a much better overall plugin.

    Well thanks for responding. I just tried your Poll plug-in. I dont see how much better is it that the WP-Poll (As i said, I managed to fix the <input> problem, using the ‘width’ property. I wanted to edit the static text of your poll, like the word ‘Vote’ and so on (since my blog is in spanish), but I find it easier to do this edit work on WP-Poll.
    If you could tell me how come is it better, it’d be great.


    Yeah, I’ve had troubles with i18n. I haven’t been able to find an OS X client that allows me to create .pot files for the plugin. So I’ve been stuck with other peoples’ translations.

    You can grab a spanish version of democracy, all translated already, at

    I’d like to edit the static text myself thou.

    pd. what’s i18n??

    Hi! I am having a similar problem adding adsense for search. But I cannot find the appropriate css file to edit. I am using the Blix theme. My site is at

    A screen shot of what happens when I use the adsense for search code can also be found here (where I include a search option for my domain too):

    Does anyone know which lines I need to change in the Blix CSS to display adsense search correctly?

    managed to fix the problem, see this thread

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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